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A native Nashvillian in a sea of transplants, I love watching the Food Network on Sunday mornings. My four kids, even my nine year old boy still calls me "mama." My middle kids- the twins go by their middle names: George and Grace, but no they aren't named after George Burns and Gracie Allen. My littlest is tough as nails, she has no other choice being the youngest of four. While I'm editing Grace can be found by my side giving her opinion whether or not I ask for it...she's an artist too. I love beautiful photographs, old photographs and even imperfect photographs. I heart pretty paper and a good pen and I love love love hand drawn lettering and fabulous typography. I'm a sucker for good package design, get's me every time, e-v-e-r-y time.

I'm described as having a keen eye and a patient demeanor with the ability to capture those spontaneous moments that tell a story. My style is laid back, not fussy and a little more casual with a little less formal. I'm not above using Smarties to bribe the toughest crowds. My relaxed approach behind the lens results in real images with real feelings and real connections.